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Welcome to Affirm

Training for a Trans-inclusive tomorrow

Our Mission

Empowering Inclusivity in Every Sector

At Affirm, we strive to weave gender-affirming knowledge and practices into every professional field. We celebrate diversity, dismantle misconceptions, and create safe spaces for all. Central to our mission are the authentic voices of the transgender community, guiding us in nurturing compassionate, ethical, and inclusive environments. Join us in shaping a future where gender inclusivity is the standard in every workplace.

Creating Safe Spaces

Combating stigma to help create safe spaces for gender-diverse people

Cultivating Compassionate Practice

Supporting practitioners in ethical, effective, compassionate, and genuinely inclusive care

Celebrating & Normalising Diversity

Reducing fears and challenging preconceived ideas about gender

Foregrounding Trans Voices

Engage trans clients as active contributors in teaching about their lived experiences


Listen to the podcast

In conversation with Justin Hancock

We were delighted to be invited by Justin Hancock to join his podcast Culture Sex Relationships to talk about the launch of our book Gender Affirming Therapy.

We talked about the need for this book right now. How trans and trans non-binary folk face such scarce resources and also an increasingly hostile and transphobic government. But also how the discourses around gender diversity may have produced an anxiety for health care providers in ‘getting it right’ and how this doesn’t serve clients or themselves.